REFA - Your International Partner

REFA - Your International Partner

Ever since production companies have been competing for the customers' favour and success only come to those who can offer the better product at the prices accepted by the market, there has been a desire to optimise performance processes. This was the start of REFA's work. The aim was to use human resources and all other available resources in such a way that the desired product could be produced from the raw material in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. REFA was founded over 90 years ago. The core methods developed into a whole repertoire for analysis, design and optimisation of company organisation. The implementation of these methods formed the basis for market success of countless companies.

What is the REFA Methodology?

The REFA Methodology includes the traditional core knowledge of REFA which is continuously updated. The core methods focus on optimising work processes as well as on the determination and evaluation of operational data. The individual methods can be used as separate tool but they also complement each other. When methods and tools according to the REFA Methodology are used, it is possible to look at work processes in a systematic and holistic approach so that the entire value added chain of an organisation can be analysed and optimised. Noteworthy of the REFA Methodology is its neutrality in tariff politics. Before a method is published, the content is checked by the Confederation of German Employers' Associations and the German Confedera-tion of Trade Unions.

REFA’s range of training products in Work System Optimization, Operations Organisation and Business Development is available for you worldwide. We will be by your side all the way from Germany to any destination via our extensive network of partners. REFA Know How - available worldwide.

  • English-language seminars

    English-language seminars

    If you work in an English-speaking environment, as part of an intercultural team or on international projects, our "Trainings in English" are the ideal introduction to the world of REFA.

  • REFA Global Training Solutions

    Global Training Solutions

    Vocational training is a matter of trust and customization in order to meet your specific needs regarding content and execution. This is especially true for international projects.

  • REFA Global Consulting

    Global Consulting

    Germanys first address when it comes to consulting services in Process Optimization and increasing productivity is REFA Consulting. Certified REFA-Consultants are at your disposal for any project worldwide.

  • REFA Global Network

    Global Network

    REFA is ready to serve you in 20 countries through its own offices or via selected cooperation partners. Use our extensive global network and get in touch with us directly.

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