REFA-Time Study

REFA-Time Study

Use our time-proven REFA methodology for time studies in production as well as indirect areas such as maintenance, administration and other office workplaces. REFA - Time Management solutions are are inter-coordinated between employers and employee representatives, as a consultancy REFA maintains strict neutrality.

Execution of REFA Time Studies

REFA Consulting provides you with methodically acknowledged and easily comprehensible time studies in almost every company area:

  • As a starting point for process optimization.
  • To establish standard time catalogues.
  • To support "make or buy" decisions and price calculations in cost and performance accounting.
  • To support job scheduling and control helping to reduce order time.
  • To support adjustments in personnel requirements planning.
  • To uncover wasteful activities in production and support process optimization.
  • An efficient time management is the basis for modern remuneration systems.
  • Reduce cost by optimizing allowance time related activities.

Verification of existing standard times / REFA Survey

We impartially verify your existing time management system. Providing employers and employees' representatives with an objective basis upon which to discuss issues regarding remuneration, standard and allowance times, allowance time surcharges, as well as performance rates.

Time Studies - Providing data for cost accounting and control systems

In many costing and control systems standard times and standard time catalogues have been neglected in recent years. We support you in establishing an up-to-date database for standard times, allowance times and relevant time elements to enable accurate performance evaluation and cost calculations.

Implementation of REFA Time Management

We will coach your employees during time studies enabling them to create their own time studies in accordance with the REFA methodology. Accompanying time management seminars and workshops expand the circle of time study experts in your company.

On-Demand REFA Experts

We are happy to support your projects in the field of time management for a few weeks or even a few months with fully certified REFA experts. On-Demand REFA Experts is also a great choice to find qualified employees without having to build up fixed costs for time management. Of course, our consultants are also available as troubleshooter when things are getting "tight".

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