Methods of Work Design and Data Determination

REFA Global training - Methods of Work Design and Data Determination

The efficiency and the success of a company are decisively determined by the design of processes and work places. This requires the professional determination and application of process data. The seminar Methods of Work Design and Data Determination deals with the following key themes and their corresponding tools.

Seminar content:

  • REFA work system (performance unit and process element)
  • Principles of work design
  • Task and process (structuring and design)
  • Work data management (process and time types)
  • Perfomance rating
  • REFA time study (execution and evaluation)
  • Setup time (determination and optimization)
  • Determination of standard data elements
  • Contingency allowance determination
  • Activity sampling
  • Utilisation of work data for cost calculation

Recommended duration: 10 days / 80 lessons

Bildungsoffensive 2020
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