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Consulting and training for North America

North America

North America includes two of the largest economies in the world: the United States of America and Canada. Both countries enjoy high economic efficiency and a high per capita income. In addition, North America has a varied industrial economy, including the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics, engineering, the chemical industry and food processing. As such, it is a region that continues to offer considerable potential for entrepreneurial activities.

If you also operate production facilities in North America or maintain important supply chains there, consider international standards for your company in terms of organisation and process optimisation. Beside the consideration of country-specific characteristics, a consistent company-wide communication, terminology and methodical approach represent a decisive competitive advantage with which you can coordinate global value-added processes in order to achieve your company goals in the long term. The certified REFA International consultants will support you in this process with goal-oriented organisational, time management and production consulting as well as Lean Management, both on a national and international scale.

International REFA standards for successful business in North America

The North American market is highly attractive for many entrepreneurs. However, it is also highly competitive and, due to its enormous size, more complex than one might initially expect. But criteria such as market size, proximity to customers and market stability are decisive for many foreign companies wanting to invest in North America. The biggest growth can currently be seen in the automotive industry and the transport and logistics sector. Other leading sectors include construction and infrastructure, as well as industrial production. Industrial production in particular benefits from the USA's pioneering role in the area of networked production, i.e. Industry 4.0. But before the technological boost can really take hold, structures, procedures and processes within the company must be made transparent, designed according to requirements and optimised in effectiveness and efficiency. You create the basis for this with the internationally proven REFA-Methods for process analysis and optimisation in terms of Lean Management. The implemented standards enable you to create valuable synergies in North America in work design and operational organisation. Industrial companies such as Siemens, Linde or Schaeffler already benefit from the international REFA standards in their North American business.

Customised consultancy service and staff qualification for the North American market

REFA International offers companies that are based or doing business in North America a customised consultancy service and staff qualification with a real added value. The use of Best-Practice-Methods for productivity enhancement and process optimisation is no longer limited to the domestic location but takes effect across countries. Our consultants, true "North America experts", bring in-depth consulting expertise and are also able to raise cross-border teams to a common knowledge level with target-oriented online training.

Consultancy services - operational and strategic problem solvers

Whether as operational problem solvers on the shop floor or as reliable consultants for strategic management decisions: our experienced REFA consultants will work with you to find suitable process solutions both in production and in the administration of your company. The focus of our consultancy is on the following topics:

  • Lean Management
  • Time studies/Activity sampling
  • Process analysis/Process optimisation
  • Factory planning
  • Logistics and warehouse optimisation
  • REFA time management
  • Shop floor management
  • Quality management

Our many years of consultancy experience in North America provide us with a comprehensive market knowledge from both the consultant’s and business’ point of view.

Field-tested qualification programme - online and in-house

Whether nationally or internationally: With standards for terminology and procedures, you will accelerate the optimisation processes in your company, as all persons involved in the value stream will speak "one language" despite different national backgrounds and work with the same tools and methods to achieve the company's goals. The field-tested REFA International qualification programme supports you on this journey. With our company-specific in-house seminars and online trainings in the areas of time management, process optimisation and Lean Management, you will be able to build up professional competences throughout your company on a global scale and thus deepen operationally relevant specialist topics across national borders.

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