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Consulting and training for Western Europe

Western Europe

Despite the current political and economic troubles that are affecting large parts of Europe, Western Europe continues to enjoy great popularity as a business location. Especially for many European companies, the home market of "Europe" will once again become a stronger focus, including as a production location. Many southern European countries benefit from the relocation dynamics, regionalisation of supply chains and cost reduction.

Do you produce in Western Europe and maintain important supply chains in this region? Then you should focus on international standards in business organisation and process optimisation. Even though it is important for you as an internationally operating company to take into account country-specific characteristics, you should not underestimate the advantages of consistent communication, terminology and methodical procedures within your company across national borders. After all, you can only align and coordinate global value creation processes in the long term, if you have norms and communication standards in place. These in turn will benefit you in the achievement of your corporate goals.

Our experienced REFA consultants support you in this process with solution-oriented organisational, time management and production consulting as well as with Lean Management. In these areas, we are one of the most experienced consultancies in Western Europe.

Proven international standards for your business in Western Europe

Although everybody has been talking about Industry 4.0 for several years now, the actual implementation is still in an early stage in many Western European companies. But before they can upgrade in terms of technology, structures, procedures and processes within the company must be made transparent, designed according to requirements and optimised in effectiveness and efficiency. REFA International supports you in this respect with the proven REFA methods for process analysis and optimisation combined with Lean Management tools. This creates the basis for a significant increase in performance and cost minimisation within the scope of this technological development. The implemented standards enable you to create the basis for valuable synergies in work design and operational organisation in Western Europe.

Recognised consultancy and training offer for the region of Western Europe

REFA International offers all companies based in or doing business in Western Europe a real added value with its global consultancy approach. The use of Best-Practice-Methods for productivity enhancement and process optimisation is no longer limited to the domestic market but has an impact beyond national borders. Our internationally experienced consultants are at your service: Thanks to our local presence we are flexible and able to react quickly to changing requirements and circumstances. Renowned industrial companies such as Siemens, Linde and Schaeffler already use the field-tested consultancy and training services offered by REFA International.

Consultancy services: in-depth expertise and hands-on mentality during the implementation process

Whether industry or the service sector - our multilingual REFA consultants work with you to implement process solutions tailored to your needs. Equipped with the repertoire of proven REFA-Methods we support you all the way from factory planning to the optimisation of singular process steps in your operational business. Our focus is on the following topics:

  • Lean Management
  • Time studies/Activity sampling
  • Process analysis/Process optimisation
  • Factory planning
  • Logistics and warehouse optimisation
  • Time management according to REFA
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Shop floor management
  • Quality management

Our many years of consultancy experience in Western Europe provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the markets, both from the consultant’s and the entrepreneurs' point of view. See for yourself.

Internationally proven training offer: in-house and online

Our internationally proven training programme provides your employees with consistent conceptual and methodological standards across the globe, enabling them to work simultaneously towards the defined corporate goals. Whether it’s about processes, time management or Lean Management, with our company-specific in-house seminars or online trainings you can bring cross-border teams to a common knowledge level, build up professional competences in your company and deepen business-relevant technical topics.

Selected REFA International projects in Western Europe

Get an idea of our activities in Western Europe with this small project overview:

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