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Methods of Work Design and Data Determination

All the world is using terms like digitisation, Industry 4.0 and lean production. But how do these keywords influence the world of work and which tools and methods are applied? After completing the seminar “Methods of Work Design and Data Determination” you will be able to answer those questions. You will receive the toolset to analyse, design, optimise and effectively prepare operational processes for the digitised working world.

This seminar helps you acquire the associated specialist knowledge through an interactive lecture. Our trainer conveys the subject matter in practical and varying approaches: group work and discussions will prepare you for the implementation of your new skills at your work place.

Target Audience

Managers and Specialists, industrial master- and master craftsmen, technicians, graduates, work councils, employees from work preparation, industrial engineers, employees from production planning and control, employees from assembly departments


  • You will acquire comprehensive methodical knowledge in the area of work design and data determination.
  • You will obtain the essential practical skills to design and optimise work systems and processes.
  • You will find out which methods to use for the acquisition of production data.
  • You will learn how to utilise available data for the optimisation of work processes.

Training Contents

Part 1

  • Digitised World of Work
  • Work System
  • Process Oriented Work Organisation
  • Principles of Work Design
  • Lean Production – Methods and Concepts
  • Work Data Management
  • Performance Rating
  • Time Study

Part 2

  • Setup Time
  • Activity Sampling
  • Determination of Standard Data Elements
  • Comparing and Estimating
  • Utilisation of Work Data for Cost Calculation


Lecture, practical exercises, discussion and exchange of experiences


At the end you will receive a certificate of successful participation in the seminar “Methods of Work Design and Data Determination”. 


80 lessons, at 45 minutes per lesson


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