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Online-Training: 5S Action

5S Action Online-Training

The 5S method is one of the fundamentals of Lean Management. By enabling autonomous action of employees, who in turn achieve optimisation and standardisation in their work areas, the company can achieve benefits in terms of a better efficiency. The standardisation of work areas is one of the basic conditions for stable processes and the resulting sustainability. Potential for improvement and suitable measures are identified and applied in practice.

Another important aspect of the 5S method is the leadership behaviour of superiors. Without the combination of leading on site and the appreciation of workers, there will be no responsible acting and thinking. Understanding the 5S method across hierarchies eases the implementation of change. Everyone will understand that the method becomes a daily routine and the never ending process of continuous improvement will be installed.

Understanding 5 S is the chance to create an independent Lean Philosophy.

Target Audience

Plant managers, production managers, specialists and managers from production and production-related areas     


  • You understand the 5S Action methodology.
  • You recognise the 9 types of waste.
  • You are able to implement change and create standards for your work area.

Training Contents

Basic 5S and transferring the 5S-method to the company by practical exercises

  • Order and cleanliness
  • Occupational safety
  • Responsibility for the working environment  
  • Creation of standards as stabilising facts and as best present solution
  • Transfer of the method to all actions and processes
  • Appreciation of the value creators

5S- methodological tools:

  • Leading the change
  • The 9 types of waste
  • Basic strategy of process improvement
  • Experiential learning with the 5S-simulation „chaos of numbers“


Online lecture, practical exercises/simulation and case studies, group work, discussion and exchange of experiences


At the end you will receive a certificate of successful participation in the training “5S Action”.

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