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Online-Training: Mastering your career step from coworker to team leader

Mastering your career step from coworker to team leader Online-Training

Are you about to be promoted or are currently experiencing the new challenges as a newly appointed manager? Yesterday "best buddy", today the new boss. It is now that you need to re-think your previous appearance and behaviour and adapt them to your new position. This online seminar provides you with perspective in your new role: In an interactive live presentation, orientation and new perspectives are given and better solutions are explored. You actively exchange your experiences within the group, can ask questions and receive valuable tips from our trainer, so that the transition is easy for you.

Target audience

Professionals and junior managers who have already taken on a management position or who want to be prepared for the next career step.


  • You have clarified your role and attitude as a leader.
  • You are actively dealing with change.
  • You are able to apply modern leadership tools.

Training Contents

  • keeping an eye on my leadership tasks
  • the "sandwich position": dealing constructively with the expectations of management and employees
  • reviewing colleague relationships, finding the adeaquate mix of professional distance and professional closeness
  • understanding employees motives and inspiring the willingness to perform
  • successfully conducting staff appraisals
  • leadership tools in action


Impulse talks on core leadership aspects, group exercises, exchange on best practise and testing of leadership tools


Participants will receive a certificate that states contents and successful completion of the online seminar "Mastering your career step from coworker to team leader".


Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Weishaupt: "Use my long-standing expertise to gain a head start!"

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